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About Us

The Company is situated on the North of India, nearest Delhi, the capital of India. We came into existence in the year 1990 and since then have been nurturing with the objective of providing with the finest quality of product at the best price to the buyer.


We carry ANS Enterprise to the clients for all Wooden Handicrafts needs. We have a special range of wooden decorative and collectibles which include costume jewellery, Indian decorative and office wares. The whole production from raw wood to finished product is done by our learned artist having wooden handicrafts from their ancestors.


The wood which we use is the portion of Sheesham wood, mango wood and so on. After converting into plank from the log of wood, for long life of our articles we seasoned the planks for several weeks for getting the required density after surety by our practical expertise inspection that the wood is completely moisture free and in fine luster. Our crafts men give the shape into circular pieces. Modern machines are used for getting fine luster of the wood by rubbing with sand paper. Pieces are fastened by standard glue which chemicals prevent the wood from insecticide.


At ANS Enterprises, we lay strong stress on maintaining global standards of quality to facilitate excellence and perfection in each of the products. The manufacturing process is accomplished under the careful supervision of our expert quality control analysts. As a result, our products are left with a negligible degree of error. Commitment to quality has, therefore, been the driving force behind our growing success. Being a highly customer oriented concern; we offer our customers customized handicrafts as per their requirements. Various color combinations, designs and patterns are carefully worked upon by our craftsmen and designers, keeping in mind the expectations of our customers.


We are supported by a team of adept and creatively exceptional designers, artisans and craftsmen. Their knowledge and creativity have always done wonders for us as we are able to present our customers with a range of exquisite handicrafts. Always willing to learn and improve their skills, these designers welcome the feedback of customers and are always ready to incorporate the latest trends prevailing in the handicrafts sector.


Wood has been the most favored carving medium for craftsmen around the world, mainly because of its durability and potential to be carved. Wood sculpture is a product of art that induces consideration about form and space together. Wood provides an excellent medium for artists to express their creativity. Wood is comparatively softer compared to stone and metal. Therefore it can be molded as per the wish of the artist.

The wide range of wooden sculptures available at ANS Enterprises, comprise of wooden pieces of fine workmanship. They are carefully carved using either softwood or hardwood and are available in the shape of figurines, animals and other abstract patterns.


For the wood fans, classic wooden picture frames can bring joy and happiness to their lives. You can revel in the nostalgia of beautiful memories of your loved ones and friends with our elegant photo frames. All these decorative photo frames are must-haves for every household. These picture frames are not just frames rather they are the source of delightful memories and satisfying happiness.


Indian art is life suffixed by religion and philosophy. Art was dedicated to providing objects of worship in a life ordered by faith. Indian art of all the periods has been close to life both divine and traditional.

ANS has put together a classic collection of Wood figurines especially for you.


Kitchenware is the category of home and hearth, reflecting the importance of the kitchen as a focal point of the house where people meet and interact, where they cook and talk and eat. We feel it is important that the utensils and products that you use every day should be user friendly, beautiful to look at and durable so our range of hand-made wooden kitchenware is designed and made with these principles in mind.